Parents for the Freedom to Learn

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classrooms should be places of learning, not partisan political battlegrounds.

For the past two years, extreme politicians have been meddling in our kids’ education, turning classrooms and school board meetings into partisan food fights and manufacturing fear and outrage over library books, history classes, and more. It’s making it hard for our kids to learn and grow. Parents and families have had enough.


all kids should be free to learn about our history, our diverse stories, and each other.

Public education is a cornerstone of our democracy and the key to our country’s future. A strong public education has the power to not only teach our kids math and reading, but also prepare them to be good citizens, community members, and future leaders of a diverse and great country.


our kids need an education that prepares them for the real world.

America’s strength comes from the free flow of ideas. We should be modeling those ideals in school. Because we can’t censor the real world. Our kids need to learn how to work across differences, handle challenging topics, and ask hard questions in order to be successful in college, careers, and beyond.


Parents are fed up with partisan political attacks on our public schools.

75% of Americans

believe state laws banning books, or making it illegal for teachers to talk about LGBTQ and racial issues are about politics, and not in the best interest of children.

These are the findings of an Ipsos poll conducted between August 19-22, 2022 on behalf of ParentsTogether.

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