As the freedom to read and learn comes under attack from extremist politicians, we must join together to reaffirm our support for public libraries, public education, and the value they bring to our communities. 

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Check out this Action Guide to see how you can raise your voice during National Library Week and beyond, and join the chorus of parents, families, teachers, and students who support the freedom to learn. Below you’ll find actions you can take whether you have just a couple minutes today, some more time tomorrow, or are ready to work together in the effort to protect libraries.

Sign the Library Love Letter. If you believe in the freedom to read, sign the open Love Letter to libraries and share what libraries mean to you!

Show your love on social media. Use our social media toolkit to shout from the rooftops how much our libraries and library staff mean to us, our kids, and our communities.

Sign up for a library card. Enter your city, state, or zip code in the library finder to search for your local library. Sign up for a card to get access to a multitude of books, movies, and other resources.  

Check out ebooks and audiobooks from home! Download the Libby app to check out an assortment of free audiobooks and ebooks. 

Check out your library’s rent list. From blood pressure cuffs to hiking gear, you never know what your library offers. Ask your librarian about what’s available and visit https://medium.com/everylibrary for more ideas on how your library can make an impact in your life:

Learn as a family. Parents Together has developed a great resource to help you and your family find books that will instill the importance of diversity from a young age. You can also check out this banned books quiz to figure out which book you can check out from your local library and read together next!

Subscribe to the Banned Books Box! Help ensure that students, families, and communities still have access to essential literature and vibrant stories banned in schools and libraries across America. Subscribe to receive monthly banned books delivered to your door.

Start conversations to learn from friends. Ask your friends and family what they love most about your local library and share your own thoughts. You can read what others have had to say through the American Library Association’s nomination testimonials for National Library Workers Day. 

Stay informed about how your legislators are supporting or harming libraries. EveryLibrary has a tool that allows you to search for recent bills passed or introduced impacting libraries in your state. Read more about pro-library legislation and legislation of concern.  

Run for office. No, seriously. If you’re tired of book bans in your community and desire more representation from local leadership, learn about what it takes to run for office. Sign up and join Run for Something’s virtual training on April 30. 

Learn a new skill set. Our Turn has created several leadership development programs to help you be empowered to elevate your impact on education justice. Applications for their Rising Changemakers Program are currently open! Check out their additional programs for North Carolina and Georgia residents. 

Join an Honesty Team! If you’re in Ohio, unite with students, families, educators, community groups, and organizations across the state to protect a student’s freedom to read multidimensional books that center themes of race, culture, identity, and sexuality.