This National Library Week (April 7–April 13, 2024), EveryLibrary, PEN America, and We Believe are spreading the love to libraries with this joint open Love Letter. If you believe in the freedom to read, sign the Love Letter to share your support for librarians and what libraries mean to you! 

Joint Love Letter

Dear Libraries,

We know we don’t say this too often, but we love you. 

As political extremists continue to attack public education and the freedom to read, we’ll continue supporting librarians in their effort to protect these spaces where kids and adults alike can grow their knowledge and find community. 

This National Library Week, we thank you, libraries, for all you do to enrich our communities. 

Thank you for providing us access to stories. 

Stories matter. Books are not mere collections of words but vessels of power, insight, and joy that make us feel seen and illuminate diverse perspectives. 

Thank you for fostering a welcoming space. 

You deepen the bond with all members in the community by creating a comfortable space for us to gather and learn together. Thank you for making kids feel safe and reminding adults that learning, feeding our imagination, and staying curious shouldn’t stop in childhood. 

Thank you for nourishing our appetite for knowledge and being an extension of our kids’ education.

For younger and older readers alike, learning shouldn’t stop when we step out of the classroom. Thank you for providing our kids with opportunities to feed their curiosity and for preparing them to take on a complex, exciting world. 

Thank you for strengthening our democracy. 

You continue standing tall in every community and remind us that knowledge is an inherent right, and you house voting centers for us to make the most important decisions for our nation. 

Thank you for protecting our freedom to read. 

We can always count on you to provide access to school textbooks, help us revisit our childhood classics, or introduce us to a vast collection of diverse books. 

You are living proof of what the freedom to learn looks like in practice, and we promise to deepen our relationship with you because we can’t imagine our lives without you. 


Library Lovers 

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